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The 1957 stock car racing season, NASCAR limited induction systems for convertible class, short track class, and pacific coast divisions, to the single four barrel carburetor only. Elsewhere the top division could run the hottest stock system available. This was the Chevrolet mechanical "Fuel Injected" 283HP engine.

April 23, 1957 NASCAR rewrote their rules to establish a four barrel carburetor only rule. The "Fuel Injected" Black Widows seemed unaffected by this. Buck Baker went on to win the National Championship using one single 380 CFM four barrel carburetor. These were awesome cars.

In 1957 congressional hearings were conducted about stock car racing. They claimed the automakers racing advertisements were contributing to racing and reckless driving on the road. During February 1957, the Automobile Manufacturers Association prepared a resolution suggesting all manufactures stop auto racing activities, and that type of advertising, including the support of private racers.


Bought it in Houston in November 1956, one of the first.  Was told by my Chevy division office here in town it was reserved for stock car racing initially.  Wrote to Nascar, asking what I need to do to get license  ====  answer, send us $10.  In due course, received my Official Nascar Racing license, and they processed my order, delivered for $2700.


Took to California for weekend drag racing, could not afford any modifications.  With such a gear ratio in low, and no positrac, had difficulty getting out of the hole w/out excessive burn out.  Still, turned turned consistent 15 sec 1/4 miles with stock tires/wheels.  Speeds ranging up to 99 mph.  Contrary to some info I have seen written about these cars, it did not lose power at speed.  The quarter was turned in 2d gear at 95 - 100 mph, and would wind out to 120 in 2d gear.  I saw the speedo stand straight up and down on a long straight, the 2 ply 4ply rated tires set up a shimmy and had to back off.  God watches out for drunks and fools.


It was a rarity even then, very few on road, and a conversation piece where ever I went, really enjoyed that car


Tom C

     How interesting. I know how blinding fast that car can be with “Black Widow” gearing (3.90) & suspension. They were clocked over 140mph at Daytona Beach (on sand) in 1957. The ˝ ton pick-up rear end was also “open”.

Thanks, Bev


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