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The guide was sent to four hundred and eleven dealerships on April 19, 1957. Its purpose was to familiarize the dealerships of factory available competition parts, numbers and instructions, for making the 150 two door sedan a competition contender of the highest order.

Cars built to this high degree were known as the “Black Widow”.

Reprints of this guide can be found through many collector car magazines. It will be listed in the “Books & Literature” section. It’s called the “1957 Stock Car Competition Guide”.

1957 Chevrolet 150 two door sedans being built today, as closely as possible to the “Guide”, would be known technically, as a tribute to the original racing “Black Widow”. In order to call it a reproduction, it would first have had to roll off a production line. Remember facts, it never did…..

Page four paragraph one; "Chevrolet does not manufacture race cars". The 150 two door  sedan is the model to choose and using these Guide recommendations, you (the individual) could develop championship quality stock cars.

These cars were individuals that needed to pass a technical inspection at each track before the race. These ferocious cars were the best and most feared stock cars of the time, and forever known as the “Black Widow”.

The guide lists 170 individual factory available parts and numbers to make your 150 two door competition worthy.

The guide shows many photos of frame, body, and suspension modifications. These are needed, and suggested to make the 150 two door hold together in stock car racing conditions.

The most identifying feature other than color is the six lug wheel setup on all four corners.







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