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Update 27

Engine & Pan

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Pictures #246 thru #254

Upon engine tear down, "Old Guy Scott" discovers a common, "cheap" repair shop trick, they knock the leaking freeze plugs into the block and install the new one over it... (Pictures #246 & #247), then they tell you this procedure is okay. "Old Guy Scott" tells you these people are "full of it" and has seen these jammed higher in the water jacket and become the sole reason of overheating and engine failure.

You need to run a tap thru every hole in the block. The ring ridge was very minor, but always needs to be removed before removing the pistons. (Pictures #249 & #250). Water got into cylinder #5 causing it to need a sleeve and then reboring to original  standard size. (Picture #251). "Old Guy Scott" shows erosion on #5 piston, (Picture #252) due to the water. Because of it's age, it will receive all new pistons anyway.

In early stock car racing these "Black Widows" were subjected to "dirt track" as well as asphalt. Dirt tracks are brutal and many objects are thrown up out of it. Picture #253 & #254 shows how "Old Guy Scott" makes the rock & debris protection plates that many of the old time stock car racers used. Don't forget to safety wire the drain plug bolt. (Picture # 254).




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