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Update 31

Engine 4

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Pictures #286 thru #293

After "Old Guy Scott" installs the crankshaft, photo #286, note how he protects the rod journals with lint free paper towels. Make sure the tape doesn't contact the journals, tape to the paper towel part only.

Next, photo's #287 & #288, you see the pistons being fitted. Rod are fitted on each journal, one pair at a time. This way you can shim them apart with feeler gauges, Photo's #289 & #290. You do it this way in order to keep the torque pressure from trying to cock itself against the insert corners. Now your torque setting will be more accurate.

"Old Guy Scott" explains that fifty one years ago the stock car racing engines needed to be factory available engines to begin with, there were  very few modifications allowed. In photo's #292 & #293 you see "Old Guy Scott"  removing the oil pump screen and tack welding in the oil deflector. This was recommended in the "Competition Guide" and to this very day "Old Guy Scott"  does this modification to all his racing wet sump systems. Gear type oil pumps don't suck very well and the screen is an interference factor. This is only one of the many things learned back in the "early days".


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