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Update 33

Install Heads & Manifold

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300 301 302 303 304
305 306 307 308 309
310 311 312 313 314

Pictures #300 thru #314

In photo #300, 301 & 302 you see "Old Guy Scott" uses a cylinder head stud for the center hole. This is very helpful when you need to replace heads with engine still in the car, Photo #303 shows cylinder head being torqued in. Be sure to use correct sequence in order to prevent warping.

Photos #304 thru 309 shows where the manifold and road draft baffle make contact, This prevents the manifold from seating. "Old Guy Scott" has seen repair shops and hot rod fabricators smash these down to fit. He says these people  are lazy "fools" and "rip off" artists. In photo #307 you see the baffle cut at the top of the horizontal tube and set back one half inch even with the horizontal tube and welded all the way around. By doing it this way there is no loss of road draft volume and the manifold sets perfectly.

In photos #310 & #311 "Old Guy Scott" is adjusting the valves in this "solid lifter" engine two thousands inches looser until the engine has been running, then readjust to correct setting.

Photo #312 shows "Old Guy Scott" using a heat crossover plate, this keeps incoming air cooler and therefore more dense for racing. He doesn't recommend this for street engines, they would run poorly until warmed up.


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